S.T.E.M Tennis After School Program Curriculum at a glance*

Learn more about the specific program curriculum we have in place
this fall/winter program. 


The first day of the program begins with a meet and greet social. Pizza will be available for participants and parents. Sponsors are invited to speak and parents will be given a complete breakdown of the program regarding the many activities STEM TENNIS will cover. We also use this time for parents to complete waiver forms and emergency contact information. The program director will look to answer questions. Once the formalities are over, the participants will begin their conditioning and tennis lesson.



5th grade elementary and middle school students will co-exist in this program. Our program will have volunteer tutors who help with prioritizing and planning homework time and completing assignments. Homework assignments for that day must be completed before STEM activity and tennis fitness and instruction begin.



Before each new STEM segment we conduct a briefing session. Each participant is given a rubric to take home and share with parents. All participants will receive a STEM TENNIS notebook. During the briefing session, participants will use the notebook to take notes, sketch ideas, problem solve and brainstorm as a group. 



The first STEM TENNIS segment will involve building drones and manually flying them through creative obstacle courses. The first phase will include the FLYBRIX LEGO DRONE. Participants will use Lego bricks, eight motors, propellers, detailed design plans, and a download-able app that connects via Bluetooth, this highly versatile construction kit turns drone flying into an intense experience in creative engineering . Our second phase will include a PARROT drone quadcopter complete with interchangeable propellers, protective guards and camera. Participants will fly drone/quadcopters through obstacle courses using the TYNKER APP to code flight paths.


STEM TENNIS after-school program is committed to engaging our participants. We understand that working as a team is 

crucial. Understanding how to lead is just as important as taking direction as an intricate contributor. Our group short film 

segment, focuses on choosing a topic, selecting a project leader, assigning specific tasks and reaching a series of goals as a team. Through linear video editing software, each participant will work together to storyboard creatively, use camera equipment, upload video to computer, arrange movie scenes and publish for parents, family, sponsors and partners during the STEM 

TENNIS dinner at the end of each program.



Our final STEM TENNIS segment will focus on building an informational based website. But before we actually begin the 

computer graphic design phase, each participant will construct a blueprint of what the site will say and how it will function using basic UX (user experience) methods. Once again, the STEM TENNIS notebook will play an important part of this exercise. 

Using the supplied graph paper, youngsters will sketch, plan, make corrections, analyze and finalize drafts of their website.



Once the blueprints have reached their final draft, participants will create their very own WIX account and select a template they wish to edit. Through the use of  Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop, participants will apply their blue print digitally. Several rounds of updates, revisions and constructive review sessions will take place before the website is complete.



Completed websites are shown to the world.



The physical fitness component of our STEM program is learning the sport of tennis. Each day our participants are scheduled to complete a series of conditioning and exercise drills. After the water break we teach a series of progression stages that make tennis fun and provide instant opportunities for success. Throughout the program, participants will basic stroke production, hand eye coordination, racket handling, the parts of the court as well as scoring. The STEM TENNIS notebook will play a crucial role early on, because participants will be asked to take notes and access material within the notebook that will aid in learning tennis.

(*) The curriculum above is subject to change without notice. Depending on the weather, participants may not engage in tennis related activities.

STEM TENNIS After School Program (August - November) & (January - May)

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